Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Where to from now? How do you feel about our workings?

... we have already been responding more or less to each others photos as they were posted. It would be great to keep the phot0 blog running. Who knows, perhaps we could have a photo show, a photo book etc? I am learning lots about looking and imaging the world with a camera.
I saw two shows about photography on the trip, one in San Diego at MOPA, Museum of Photographic Arts, the other at the Getty in LA. At MOPA the exhibition running currently is on photomontage called 'New Realities': Jerry Uelsmann and Maggie Taylor. Surreal, fantastic, allusions to dreams and stories. The one at the Getty is illustrating the history of photography 'In Focus: Still life', how it has been and still is greatly influencing and influenced by painting (now large scale, Ori Gerscht, Marion Drew etc.) This is also evident in Jeff Wall's work.

Today is the end of November, the time I originally suggested for downloading our images. We have of course done this already in the blog, but maybe there are more you want to contribute as Juli said (in blog, DropBox?) We then each pick some to respond to in any medium (film, photography, painting, sculpture, whatever). Then posting images of that (with maybe a short text) with the idea of making further work in response to others. This could connect with a more word based take on the project that Michael suggested recently.

Do you want to do this? Or some variation?


  1. hej Sue, to me this sounds good for now to continue. I've got a few ideas with regard to some of your and Michael's photos in connection or better in contrast to my temporary environment.

  2. I love seeing the play between our images, like music, sometimes a new note is introduced, improvised on for a while...