Monday, November 22, 2010

so far...

Watching the blog posts mount up over the last few weeks has been extremely good. Seeing the unique and individual ways we each respond to our environments, what we find important, what we each focus on and how we manipulate the ways in which we use the medium to capture the images.

I feel that it will be hard to begin to take these images and re-render them in other ways, in other mediums, but it is essential that we all begin to let this happen. it need not be solely digital, nor contiguous with each other.

The photblog is beginning the process and the project that is running at present is working ok.

Maybe the next project is a literature based one?

Maybe we each describe a scene/setting/idea/story/reference to an art work/reference to an emotion/reference to an experience, and give the project over to another to fulfill in any wy they see fit, in any medium.

I say that a month would be optimum for this, and the photoblog continue during this time, as i feel that I am learning more and more about each member by what and how they image their world.



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  1. I like responding to each other visually with images. Juli, you picked up on the theme of 'life in the desert'. I loved the old man and the workers and crane blossoming in the 'desert' of the university, the ways you experience water where you are. And before, waiting for the film to start...

    We can kill things with words, so I think it is important to carry on visually, digitally, because it is such a great tool now when living on the fly. For me anyway.

    We can diversify, let things blossom in all sorts of ways. So why don't you start some writing project, Michael and we'll see where it leads us?