Thursday, November 11, 2010

Invitation to narrative photo project over the next weeks

I am off to South West America tomorrow, will take photos of the situations I am in at different times of the day over a two week period: what it feels like to be situated where I am. I invite you to do that too in the situations you are in. I suggest we down load our best images on 30. November. (Does Drop Box suit or would Photo bucket be better?) From these pictures we then could create multiple image series or narratives that connect the different parts of the world in conversations: each person starts a series with one image, adds one to the others in response and so on. Lets see what happens in the conversation...


  1. Hi Sue, I have forwarded this on to Juli and Rachel. Juli has already seen this and is keen.
    I suggest in the first instance we post the images at once on the blog. Have a look at this site that I have located. Each image has a time and a date and who it is by, sometimes a title and some not. What are the collective thoughts? Otherwise I think this is a very good beginning. From here the conversations can begin.


  2. Yes lets do that, I will try and download images in the blog as best as I will be able to do on the go. Lets start now and just post images of what it feels like to be where we are...

  3. Hej Sue and Michael, so you prefere uploading photos continuously during these two weeks instead of putting them online at once on the 30th Nov., for instance? That's absolutely fine; just wanted to say that I will probably always be a little behind. I can upload, of course, some of the few digital photos I take, but will surely add digitalized analogue ones later. Looking forward to the images.