Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Years End

As we fast approach the end of 2010 I must ask where these imaginings are going? In which direction are we all traveling. I can see a wonderful collection of responses and proposals in photograph, a sense of personal imaginings in the melee of supposed internationalization and collaboration.

The collaborations have been desperate, and rightly so as we are all essentially working from personal motivations and positions.

The beginning basis for these connections was to consider the making of the artwork and the role that authorship plays when engaging with histories (personal and shared), images (analogue and digital, real and constructed), Synthetics and naturals, sensation and concept.

Have we begun to engage in these things? or has the project organically shifted? Is the natural course still working or do the parameters need to be 'tightened' wit a 'kind' of outcome envisaged?

Just some thoughts.



  1. I believe we have started to engage with the things you listed in a subtle way.
    But lets take into account that we are working towards a show or a series of shows and ask ourselves: who, what, where, when?

    What is the project?
    Who are the participants?
    Where will it be shown?
    What is the time frame?

  2. I tried to define what our project seems to me to be up to now:

    It is an open ended project that explores the notion of collaborating in image making by a small, loose group of artists in different locations.

    Could we change it to:
    A project run by a group of artists for limited blocks of time, that explores notions of collaboration in image making in different locations.
    (One location proposed is Austin/Texas. We could get in touch (via art school, gallery director) with some artists there to work together with on the theme of responses to place maybe. It seems to be a lively university city, with a thriving computer industry)

    Please add your ideas and suggestions! This is just a start.