Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Constant wave action...Dunedin, 5/12/10

With the image up top I combined and manipulated the previous image of Michael's horse in the night sky (post 1/12/10) and the above wave photo taken of Boulder beach using Photoshop.

Here is some literature by Claire Colebro0k on Deleuze's ideas of the subject as plane of experience, not author:
"Transcendental empiricism frees thought of any ultimate metaphysical foundation by insisting that far from being some actual ground, life is a virtual multiplicity, not of things and agents but contemplations and contractions, events and responses. It is not that there are persons or beings who then contemplate the world; there are contemplations that are passive and impersonal. These contemplations create distinct human bodies and organisms.
This means that there is not a world (actual) that is then represented in images (virtual) by the privileged mind of man (the subject). Life is just this actual-virtual interaction of imaging: each flow of life becomes other in response to what it is not. The anticipation goes beyond what is actual, but also produces a new actual. The image is neither actual nor virtual but the interval that brings actuality out of the virtual..."
She concludes, "There are experiences; these are connected to form images of bodies; the body that contemplates those connections mistakenly sees itself as the author or ground of those connections. This is the illusion of the transcendent subject, the subject as plane within which experience takes place."
(Claire Colebrook, Gilles Deleuze, London:Routledge, pp 87-88)

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