Friday, October 15, 2010


So the posting of pictures have started. Sue sent me a picture taken in the botanical gardens for me to manipulate. I feel a number of things are at play in considering this, and I am sure that it is going to take quite some time and a number of experiments to extend this image. But so it begins, and the removal of choice of subject in the first instance is liberating.

My image was taken in Hong Kong on the return trip from Europe in the midst of a tremendous thunderstorm, so it is an inside out shot. I was very interested in the replication of geometric designs in the architecture, signs and air conditioning units. I am interested to see how it returns to me.

One of the most primary things in these exchanges is the complete removal of self in the application of the transfer, unlike in painting. Sure I have just given away my interest in the picture sent to Sue, and yes it might change her interpretation of it, but essentially what will return will be a remix of many things, much of which I would not have considered.

This the crux of these transactions, removing the singular from the painting methodology in part but not in total.

Interesting commitments.


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