Tuesday, October 5, 2010

In the garret once lived the Painter

Sometimes Painting is a contortion, like standing on ones head and looking in 'just that certain way'. However authorship is vaunted as unwelcome in a current and contemporary setting, painting still carries with it the stigma of the shamanistic act, converting a visible thing into a series of selected diagrammatic devices, proposing more of an individual imagination than a reality. The word reality is, for painters, like a niggly injury. It neither advocates a possible solution or a definite hindrance, but it does pose significant problems.
Painting as an act adopts the position of the secondary, the borrower and the poseur.

Networking painting for me looks to adopt a collaborative aspect to my own work, to draw from living sources rather than static images, working with others to realise how I integrate my ideas about painting with the wider creative community.

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